An Open Letter and Request to the Almighty and Powerful Kevin Smith from the UNC Charlotte Film Club

Dear All Mighty and Powerful Kevin Smith,

We would like to welcome you to the Queen City…Charlotte, North Carolina! The UNC Charlotte Film Club is so excited that you have picked our fair city to film your latest awesome picture, Tusk, to film in. My name is Patrick (Vice President of the UNCC Film Club) and I am a huge fan of your work. I have listened to your talks for years and my favorite film of yours is Red State.

Your talks, podcasts, films…pretty much if you made a brand of butter we would be at the grocery store on day one to purchase it. I would buy the entire supply and rent a U-Haul to take to one our meetings. We would eat it for hours upon hours and then share the rest of our supply with strangers on the street. Silent Bob Butter would be so good it would give us all time travel powers and we would go back in time and buy the exact same butter supply before ourselves creating a rip in the space time continuum!

We would rip a hole in space and time itself for you. That is how much we love you dear sir.

Currently we are forming our own Justice League of Avengers from all over Mecklenburg County to call upon on you. We have a simple request. We would love for you to come and speak to us. If you just have five minutes to talk like Bane for us, we will sit our behinds down and listen. If we could even see you (we are not too creepy, we promise) we would appreciate it for years to come. We will do anything…well not anything, but things within reason. You want a pumpkin spice latte? We got it.

If not, that’s completely fine. Our small but dedicated group would still be there on day one to watch Tusk and whatever you do in the future.

Good luck on the film and we hope you continue your awesomeness throughout the universe!


The UNC Charlotte Film Club and Patrick Wisniewski