03The festival is approaching fast and to give you time to plan out your great weekend we have generously included all of the information you will need to see everything at the short film festival this april 27th.

Date: Saturday April 27th


5:00 pm We will be having a live read of the three winners from the screenwriting competition in Cone Center, After Hours.

6:30 pm Doors open in Mcknight Hall for the screening.

7:00 pm The screening begins in Cone Center, Mcknight Hall.

10:00pm Award ceremony in Mcknight Hall.


Q:Will there be food?

-Of course! The Herban Legend food truck will be stationed outside Cone Center for the duration of the festival.

Q:Where do I park?

-Below is a link to a map where you can find both the Cone Center and the Cone deck for your parking convenience.

Q: what will I get out of this?

-You will get to watch some great short films and have a chance to win free stuff like gift cards to The Last word.

Q:How much does this cost?

-It will cost you nothing! The festival is free admission. We do encourage you to bring money to spend on food at The Herban Legend as they have graciously agreed to hang out with us for the whole festival.

Q:How awesome will the films be?

-Extremely awesome.

Q:This sounds great! What’s the catch?

-There is none! The Film department and the UNCC film club have worked extremely hard this year to make the best possible event for one afternoon and now we want to share that with the Charlotte community.  so please come out and enjoy this great event with us.

campus map


Criterion Weekend: what we’ll be watching

Christmas has come early for classic film buffs. Specifically it is this weekend, because Hulu is streaming a huge chunk of criterion collection films exclusively this weekend for free. As with anything free and movie related, film club is all over this opportunity. Have no doubt that we will be pushing back all papers and projects in favor of watching these amazing films. To help you sort through the many films on this list and find ones that you have to watch this weekend we’ve posted a list of what we will likely be watching.


1. Seven Samurai

Of course we are going to start with seven samurai. It is The Movie. It is also a great film for those of you who don’t watch a lot of foreign films (or old films). The story is about seven samurai (duh) who are hired to protect a village of poor farmers from a ruthless group of bandits. There are so many amazing things about this film but my favorite is actually the acting. The samurai in this film are some of the most iconic characters in all of story telling and when their story ends you are truly left wanting to see more of them.

2.  A Woman Under the Influence

We bring it back to english (and color) for the next film on the list. The first sentence of the imdb description says it pretty well: Mabel, a wife and mother, is loved by her husband Nick but her madness proves to be a problem in the marriage. Don’t be fooled by this movie, the opening scene may have you think it is a simple story but it is anything but. Not only should every film student watch this, but any one who has a slight interest in any of the following: women’s studies, psychology, sociology, life.

3. Stagecoach

Have you ever seen a John Wayne Film? If you have, then I shouldn’t have to tell you to watch this movie. If you haven’t then you will have to start with stagecoach. The western planes the cowboy medium shots. It’s how american cinema grew into what it is today.  Heres the imdb lowdown: A group of people traveling on a stagecoach find their journey complicated by the threat of Geronimo.

4. Breathless

Breathless is of course this authors favorite film of all time so it is a given that it would be on the list. The film tells the story of a car thief on the run who comes to paris to ask an old lover out on a date and ends up falling in love with her. Breathless is a french film made right at the beginning of the New Wave. I love this film mostly because the themes are sex and violence, the shots have a lot of motion(and emotion) and the dialog is very precise and powerful.

5. Down by Law

If you only ever watch one Jim Jarmush movie, let it be down by Law. Imdb describes this movie very simply in a nutshell: The story of three different men in a Louisiana prison and their eventual journey.  This movie is last on the list because it does move a bit slower(that is compared to mainstream hollywood not criterion standards). This is a movie about great character, however, and it has some of the best lines in any movie and also some of the best humor for a “dramatic” film.



Those are our favorites. Let us know what you will be watching this weekend.

Call for submissions announced


03UNCC is now accepting film submissions for the short film festival which will take place saturday April 27th. The submission deadline is March 28th so please head over to the  festival page of our site to read all the guidelines for each category and download the submission form.  (please note: the submission form for short screenplay will be released at a later date).  You do not have to be a student or be affiliated with the school to submit and the festival is free to submit and attend!

This year’s festival will be our fifth year running and the organizers are all planning on making it the biggest festival to date. So be sure to get your submissions in by the deadline.

You can direct any further questions to our club president.

Colby Hopkins at:


Attend a special screening of Looper with the club







The Film club will be attending a screening of “Looper” this Friday in the student union theater at 5:00 pm. The film is a science fiction drama about a special type of paid “hit man” who is assigned with tracking down and killing none other than himself from the future.

After the screening, the club will be meeting in Norms to talk about the movie. Please join us for a good movie and fun conversation. The theater is free to all students and $2 for non-students.

Next meeting

The next meeting will take place Monday at 5:30pm in COED 037. We will be announcing the dates and the theme for the spring film festival! We will also be discussing several other exciting opportunities coming up this spring! Be sure to attend and find out all the Campus film news!

Indie Thrills

Film: Hesher (2010)

Starring: Joseph Gordan-Levitt, Rainn Wilson, Natalie Portman, Devin Brochu

Directed: Spencer Susser

Review by: Kendra Perry



For young T.J. Forney (Brochu) life has come to a complete halt since the death of his mother. He is bullied at school, his loving grandmother tries to hold things together and his father, Paul Forney (Wilson) has become completely disengaged from his life. Through it all T.J. doesn’t seem to let those things faze him and even attends group therapy sessions with his father. And then along comes Hesher (Gordan-Levitt), the train wreck that meets another train wreck.

After T.J. gets the long haired grunge squatter evicted from his current residence at an under construction housing development, Hesher moves himself into T.J.’s house. Hesher is the type your mother has always warned you about. He’s dirty, obnoxious, has no respect for anyone, smokes, enjoys pornography and setting things on fire, and that is really only the first part of the list. And although Hesher seems to ruin everything he touches, he is the catalyst for this broken family to live again. Part coming of age story, part comedy, part gritty drama, Hesher reevaluates the stereotypical badass and gives us something to appreciate him for-even if it’s just a moment of silence.

Unfortunately, Hesher’s golden cast is marred by the terrible acting of the extras. Brendan Hill who plays T.J.’s vile bully, Dustin, was more annoying with is horrible delivery of profanities and obscenities than his actual physical abuse against T.J. Granted he appears to be no more than thirteen and we can’t expect a Samuel L. Jackson delivery, at least a bit more effort could have been made to make it seem as though he’s been cursing since he learned to talk. Even, Brochu’s performance with certain lines seemed strained. Despite the intended edginess this creates, it continued to break my concentration with each awkward f-bomb.

And the awkwardness continued as Joseph Gordan-Levitt embraced the dark side with his edgy role. In the back of my mind, I kept seeing him in the typically mild-mannered roles he normally plays. (500 days of Summer, 50/50) It was a shock to see him strutting in his underwear smoking marijuana and setting diving boards on fire. Initially, With playing this middle-finger to the world character, I felt someone like Brad Pitt channeling a Tyler Duren (Fight Club) would have done better. Nevertheless, Pitt’s Duren would have never brought the secret empathy Hesher possess which Levitt delivered beautiful.

If there is one thing you can take back to your screenwriting workshops is how Hesher delivers conflict in heavy emotional doses. Even when you think T.J’s life could not get any lower, Spenser Susser pushes T.J. even further into the muck of his life before bringing him out again. If there was anything worth watching Hesher for it would be that. Brilliant use of plot, Susser, but what happened to everything else?