Here is where you can find several helpful recourses for the film community of Charlotte. please feel free to check out each of these organizations if you are interested in getting involved in the film community.


  • The light Factory
The contemporary museum of art and photography is a great resource for those who are looking to get involved in the film community of Charlotte. They have everything from classes to screenings to a filmmakers showcase, which takes place every spring.


  • Back Alley Film series
The people at BAFS (who by the way, have a pretty cool initialism) have come together to bring independent films to Charlotte. They work very hard to find films that would otherwise be missed by theaters and bring them to Charlotte to support the more underground side of Film.


  • Charlotte Film Society

The Charlotte Film Society is your recourse for all things film in Charlotte. Like their Facebook page to stay up to date on all independent film related news. They also have several meet ups through out the year to further connect the community of film in charlotte.




  • Storytellers Tellingstories

This is a blog run by Rodney Stringfellow, A professor of film at UNCC. This blog is a great place to find insights on the elements of story telling from the UNCC Film department.




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