Captain Phillips

One of our film club officers reviews Captain Phillips!

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Captain Phillips


Director: Paul Greengrass

Rating: A

   Captain Phillips establishes himself as the main source of authority on his ship, while his crew is having a hard time adjusting to his strict persona. They soon flock to him for words of wisdom as four Somalian pirates board the ship in search for a big loot. 

   This film will have you on the edge of your seat for the entire duration of the movie. Phillips plays the good guy, attempting to give into the pirates’ wants in order to secure his crew’s safety. The pirates each have their own personalities, one being a hotheaded gunslinger, one being a young teen that you almost want to empathize with, and the other ‘captain’ in the story who desperately wants complete control. Of course things go awry and a chain of events are set in motion which pull the audience in…

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Instafestival Officially Announced!


Instafestival is here! We’re hosting a fall festival for Vine, Instagram, and smartphone videos! How awesome is that?!?!




Smartphone Video (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, etc.)**


Submissions start NOW! The deadline for submissions for the festival is November 3 at 11:59 PM. The Festival will be held on November 13th, 6:30PM in the Student Union Movie Theater. If you make it into the festival, your admission is free. If you’d like to come to the festival  the admission price is $3 per person (Groups of 5 people are $12, Groups of 10 are $20). This money will help fund the upcoming Film Festival in the Spring, as well as provide UNC-Charlotte with awesome events like these!


  1. You may submit up to 10 videos (each may be for a different category, for example, 4 Vine, 4 Instagram, 2 smartphone)

  2. All videos submitted must not be altered in any way OUTSIDE of the apps. You can use filters, but nothing more. 

  3. All videos must have a PG-13 rating or LOWER. 

  4. No nudity, excessive profanity, sexual acts, gore, or illegal acts in the videos. Blood is allowed, as long as no one is actually hurt in the video.

  5. BE CREATIVE! Try not to use the same acts that are popular. For example, Gangnam Style is not original. Don’t do it.

**Smartphone videos are limited to 20 seconds and must not be altered in any program that creates special effects or adding other videos. 

Judging will be based on creativity, comedy (if it applies), and originality (yes, creativity and originality are different things).

How do I submit? 

Submissions must be tagged with @unccfilm in the comments of your video. Instagram and Vine are set up so that UNCCFilm can be tagged. If you have a smartphone video, you can upload it to YouTube and/or email the link to

Who can submit?

Anyone can submit if they’re in the local Charlotte area! Not just UNC Charlotte students can submit, but we’re opening up to others who would like to participate as well!

The top 3 in each category will be featured in this year’s 6th annual UNC-Charlotte Short Film Festival!


Well…quit READING and start CREATING!